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Calendar made by you

Make photo calendar for yourself, loved ones or friends that takes into account just these events which are important to you.

Omasoft allows you to start your own photo calendar from the date that is important to you. And you do not have a photo calendar that shows only 12 months, but you can also do up to 60 months photo calendar in Omasoft. In addition, you can enter any date or deadline for an important reminder for yourself and add in your photos. You can also find additional design elements in Omasoft to personalize you calendar, such as frames to your photos etc.

You just need an IDEA and OMASOFT software to design your photo calendar with your important dates.

Librix Mini

Solid calendar, which is ideal for hanging to smaller surfaces.

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Librix Midi

Classy calendar, which is a memorable gift for each recipient.

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Librix Maxi

Big calendar that stands out from a distance.

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