By creating a user account in Omasoft, you give Librix Print OÜ (hereafter “we”, “Omaraamat” or “Omasoft”) the following personal information:
First name, last name, postal address, e-mail address and phone number (recommended).
Librix Print OÜ is obliged to guarantee your privacy and the protection of your personal data and photographs.
By registering as an Omasoft user, you accept the following terms:
– Omasoft can use your personal data for processing to provide you with service;
– Omaraamat uses the information you provided to ensure the completion of your order and to contact you, if necessary;
– Omaraamat assures that your personal information will not be forwarded to third parties for commercial or other purposes not related to the service;
– Omaraamat retains the right to send your personal information to third parties in the following events:
* your previous agreement;
* if forwarding your information is necessary for the delivery of the product;
* in case we are under obligation to provide the information to judicial or other state institutions by law;
* if we detect conduct that violates the terms and conditions of using Omaraamat.
– The information on your Omasoft user profile is protected with your chosen password to ensure the privacy and security of your person.

Omaraamat retains the right to change its Privacy conditions and notifying you of the event on our webpage.