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Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take for the order to be delivered?

– Received orders will be usually completed in 3 business days
– Delivery time is 1-3 business days
– If you’d like to receive your order more quickly, you can pick it up yourself from our office
– Last minute orders will be completed on the same day if the file is received before 12:00 AM. Last minute orders received after 12 AM will be completed by 12 AM the next day.

What do I need to create a book or a calendar?

– A program to create a print file. You can find it at
– Photos saved onto your computer’s hard drive
– Texts that you’d like to see in the book.

What are the covers of the book like?

– Laminated hardcover with your own design and text.

What is the binding and the page material of the book like?

– The books are made with adhesive binding
– The paper used is 150 g/m2 silk paper.

What is the books’ print quality?

– Books, calendars and postcards are digitally printed with our Xerox CP 1000 photo printer, the printing quality of which is very close to OFFSET quality.

Why are the books darker in print than on the computer screen?

– The lighting of the photo is very important – if there is little light or you’ve taken the photo against the light, the photos look darker and some details might be lost
– Photos look darker in print than on screen because computer screens have background lighting and the image looks brighter
– Printed photos are different (more grainy) from chemically developed photos, but even developed photos look darker if the lighting is insufficient and the colours and tones may look unreal.

What is the printing quality of large photos?

– Larger photos will be printed onto paper or canvas with our EPSON Stylus Pro 7900, which is regarded the best of its kind by many top photographers and experts.

How much does a book or a calendar cost?

– A 12-month calendar costs 16€
– A book with a minimum of 10 pages: small book costs 12€, larger book 18€.

How many photos can I fit on one page?

– Meie poolt piiranguid ei ole.
– We set no limits, you can have 1 large or 20 smaller images on the page, you decide.

How can I get my paper photos into the book?

– Paper photos must be scanned and saved onto the computer as digital files
– Old black-and-white or colour photos look great in the book after scanning!

I have designed a book on my Mac, using iPhoto. How can I order that?

– Save your file as a .pdf file
– Send the .pdf to our e-mail through WeTransfer along with your order and contact information. After we receive your file, we will send you the bill.
– If you prefer to use another file sharing service, please mark as the contact
– Your book will be ready for pick up at our office in 3 business days. In case you’d like the product delivered to your home, take into account the additional 3€ delivery fee.

File transfer

If you use or Omasoft to create your book or calendar, the application makes sure your order gets to us. In case you used another program (iPhoto, ID, etc.), you have two options to send your order in:
1. Through WeTransfer (
2. By uploading the file onto our FTP server (omaraamat-ftp)


1. Click on the logo above, you’ll be redirected to our FTP site
2. Enter the username and password in the opened window, which are:
– Username: oma
– Password: raamat
3. If you entered the username and password correctly, you will be logged onto our FTP server. There are two folders, Incoming and Outgoing. If you wish to download the Omasoft design tool, you can find it in the Outgoing folder. To upload your book or calendar, open the Incoming folder;
4. Make a folder with your name in the Incoming folder;
5. Drag your .ord file to your folder;
6. Your file is safely with us upon completion.



1. Open the webpage by clicking the logo above;
2. By clicking “Add your files”, your file browser opens, there you can find your file;
3. Fill the “Email to” field with;
4. Add your own e-mail address to the next field;
5. To finish, click on “Transfer”.