Estonia’s first
producer of yearbooks
since 2008.

A yearbook is the best overview of a successful finish of an important phase.

Photos and stories that describe a finished stage make for a truly historical memento. All yearbooks are printed with the same quality and care as other photo books in Omaraamat, using state-of-the-art technological solutions and digital printers.

“We are glad to apply our skills and experience to offer the best service to schools and kindergartens all over Estonia.”
- A. Vettik, CEO -

The yearbook can be compiled in the computer-based application Omasoft.

Or create your yearbook online at Omaraamat-Online

A book for every graduate

Kindergarten graduation book


Middle school graduation book


Secondary school graduation book


University graduation book



The best way to recap a phase of life is a book. It is easy to make books nowadays, you don't have to be a designer to make one. Our design programs enable the creation of beautiful books, even for those who don't have experience.

The steps of creating a yearbook

Collect the photos - write down the captions - select the appropriate design template - design the book - send in the file - choose the method of delivery

Personalized books

We offer a possibility to create personalized books for every child. A book, in which the childs name, stories and sayings are in the forefront. All this is provided easily by our design program