Omasoft Software

Omasoft is a simple design tool that you can easily use to compile a book of your photos.


Download the free program

Install the free application Omasoft by a click of the button. The app works offline, therefore no internet connection is necessary and the designing takes less time. Omasoft does not work on Macs - please use our online editor at Omaraamat-online, or use iPhoto or a design program.


Design the product

Open the photo catalogue in the Omasoft application, then click and drag the desired photos onto the favoured spot. Add texts, backgrounds or mood icons according to your wishes, then save the project. You can open the project at any time in case you want to check or improve it.


Send in your order and receive it in a couple of days.

Before forwarding the order, select the number of units and means of delivery in your Basket. Pick the method of payment, the order is forwarded automatically after the payment. Your order is completed in 1-3 days and you’ll receive your order by the means of delivery you chose.

Useful tips

NB! Reading through the following instructions is recommended to ensure the easy use of the application. The instructions can be viewed by clicking „Help“ in the header of the app. Click on the questions to see the answer.


Adding photos to the project

Add photos, backgrounds, frames and icons by clicking and dragging them onto the project page. We recommend using .jpg files. Using .tiff files could exceed the capabilities of your computer.

Editing photo size and dimensions, rotating

Photo dimensions can be edited by clicking onto the circles around the image. Click the circle and drag to find the perfect proportions. Photos can be rotated, as well. To do that, click the upper middle outside circle and rotate the photo according to your wishes.

Zooming and centering

Double clicking on the photo (including the specific date photos in the calendar) allows you to zoom or centre the photo using the mouse scroll or the Z and X buttons on your keyboard (click on the photo and hold, then drag to zoom or centre). To exit zoom mode, double click the grey area outside the photo.

Full page photo

A full page photo is very nifty. The easiest way to get it is to click on the photo in the gallery and click „Select as background“. The other way is to drag the photo to project view, then right click on it, select „Layout“ and then „Fit“. This way you can be certain that the photo fits the page perfectly. If the centring of the photo is unsuitable, you can arrange it by hand. To do so, drag the photo to project view and then drag the corners of the photo. It is necessary to drag the sides of the photo about 5 mm over the page. This way we can be sure that the unwanted background will stay out of the page.

Picking the background

In addition to the background photos you can see in the submenu „Backgrounds“, you can also select your own photo as a background. Right click on the photo in the photo catalogue and pick a suitable layout. The same can be done for the cover of the book. Different backgrounds can be applied to different photos by dragging them onto the page in project view.

Send to back/bring to front

Laying photos and texts over each other, you can bring images to front or send them to back by right clicking and selecting „Arrange“ and either „Send to back“ or „Bring to front“.

Adding and removing pages

You can change the number of pages by entering a suitable even number to the „Pages“ window on the right. The program displays pages by the tens until 120, but by hand you can add up to 310 pages. The other way is to add two pages by right clicking on the „Pages“ on the right and selecting „Add pages (2 pg.)“. That way you can add pages between existing pages. Two pages can be removed the same way, by selecting „Remove pages (2 pg.)“ or by entering a lesser even number to the „Pages“ window.

Adding and editing texts

Text boxes can be added by right clicking on project view and selecting „Insert“ and „New text“. Double clicking on the text box opens the text editor where you can add the needed text. You can choose between different fonts, sizes and colours. Only one font can be used in one text box. In case you want to use varied fonts, add another text box and design the text as you wish to. Text can be arranged and rotated like photos.

Adding text to the spine of the book

Text can be added to the spine of the book – double click on the text box on the spine and enter the needed text.


Discount codes, gift cards, vouchers

Discount codes, gift cards and vouchers can be used at the bottom of the Basket page. A green marking appears after entering the correct code and the price of the order changes automatically. Only one code can be entered at once. If you have more than one code, enter them in the following manner: click „Pay“, then on the „Gift card“ button. You can enter another code into the appearing field. Enter the code and press „Redeem“. If the code was enough to cover the price of the order, the uploading begins automatically. If the code was not enough, you can enter another code or select a preferred payment method for the remainder of the price. After confirming the payment the uploading starts automatically. If the price of the order is smaller than the value of the code, the remainder cannot be used for future orders. By clicking the “Pay” or “Redeem” button, you bind the code to that specific order. By cancelling the upload you will lose the redeemed code. Please, make sure that you send us the correct file. To do that, press “Preview” in your Basket.

If the upload is interrupted

If the upload will not start or is interrupted for any reason, you can resume it by clicking on the Basket or the Order Status link in the header, then on “On-going orders”. A small window appears, showing your order’s status. To resume uploading, click on the “Resume” button in the bottom right corner. You can also close the application and when reopening it, the status window will appear. Press “Resume”.


The price of the book depends on the format and number of pages of the book. The application automatically counts in the discount – starting from 5 units you’ll get a 5% discount, a 10% discount applies starting from 10 units. Units can be different, meaning that ordering 3 calendars and 2 books, you’ll still get a 5% discount. Delivery fees are added to the price.


How to order?

When the book/calendar/poster in ready for print, send the order in by clicking on the bottom right corner button “Order”. The log-in window appears. On your first order, click on the bottom left corner button “Register”. Enter your desired user name and password and your personal information. Your phone number is very important. This information is used to deliver your products and, if needed, to contact you about your order. We will send information about the status of your order to your e-mail address.

Ordering more than one product?

If you’d like to order more than one product or more than one unit, then you can send the whole order in at once when you have gathered the desired products into your Basket. To start another project, click the “New project” icon in the top left corner of the application. Products remain in the Basket until you send the order in or remove them from the basket.

Express order!

Last minute orders will be our priority number one. If we receive the file before 12:00 on business days, the order will be ready by 17:00. If the file is received after 12:00, the order will be finished by 12:00 the next business day. We charge 15€ for last minute orders and we can manage up to 8 books at a time. To pick the last minute option, tick the “Last minute order” option in the bottom right corner of your Basket.

Sending the order in

To send in the order, select the desired number of units and the preferred means of delivery in your Basket. Then click on the “Pay” button in the bottom right corner. A window with bank links appears. By clicking on your bank link, the payment window opens with a pre-filled form of your order. After the payment, the upload of your order starts automatically and our system sends the order confirmation to your e-mail.

Sending the order to a different address

In Omasoft, you can also send the order to an address different from your own by filling in the Recipient blanks in your Basket. Those blanks are to be filled only if the delivery address is not your own! You can send orders out of Estonia, as well.



To make sure your product is just like you wanted, click on the “Preview” link in your Basket. If you want to make changes, click on “Edit”.

Saving a project

We recommend saving your work once in a while, so that it won’t get lost due to whatever errors. In the bottom right corner of the application is a floppy disk icon, by clicking on the icon, the project is saved. A small window opens, where you must name the file and pick a location on your computer, where to you want the project saved. Ctrl+S is a handy key combination for saving.

Modifying the Omasoft application

Proficient computer users can modify the program according to their needs by adding or removing backgrounds, icons or fonts. To do that you must copy the desired files to the corresponding Omasoft folders (Backgrounds, Fonts, Ornaments) and restart the application.

Exclamation mark alerts!

Exclamation marks appear to the underside of the photo if the resolution of the photo is not good enough for its size. By dragging the photo smaller, the exclamation mark disappears. This is a recommendation-alert, the exclamation mark will not appear in print. The print quality can be roughly seen by enlarging the book view to 200%. The option can be seen in the bottom left side with the default “Auto”. The exclamation marks are in two different sizes that change in size if you enlarge or reduce the photo.

Omasoft templates

To simplify the process, click on the desired sample and save the template to your computer. Open Omasoft and drag the photos to the fields. It’s that simple!

You can always edit and improve the template – change background colours, frames, add photos, texts and pages. Specific instructions can be found in the app by clicking “Help”.