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Using FTP

If you are using Omasoft program for your book or calendar preparation, then the program itself takes care for your work you created to reach us.
In case you used another program (such as iPhoto), then there are two ways how to upload your photobook or calendar etc. to FTP server:

Version 1

Upload your file to out FTP server using special FTP software. It allows you to download from our server or upload your files to our Incoming folder in our server. You can find free FTP software from:

Version 2

Upload your book or calendar to our FTP server following these instructions.

1. Open any folder on your PC desktop, for example My Documents (here we use folder called “Näidiskaust”)


2. Double click Näidispõhjad and type following URL to address field:

3. In order to access our FTP server you must now enter username and password, which are:
username: oma
password: raamat

4. If username and password are correct you can enter our FTP server. Here you can find two folders – Incoming and Outgoing. If you would like to download “Omasoft”, then enter Outgoing folder. But if you want to upload your book or calendar etc., enter Incoming folder.

5. Now create your personal folder

6. Drag and drop your .ord extentioned book or calendar file to your created folder

7. If uploading has ended your file has reached our FTP server