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Frequently asked questions

How fast can you deliver my order?

– three days plus shipping time.

What do I need to make a photo book or a photo calendar?

– A free program Omasoft, which you can download from

– Photos

– Text to describe your photos

What could be the contents of the book?

– children

– family chronicles

– yearbook

– trips, etc.

What are the covers of the book like?

– your designed glossy hardcover that has your photos and text on it

– leather imitation cover with color of your choice

What are the paper and bindings of the books?

– Books are done with adhesive binding

– General silk paper 150g

What is the quality of the printing?

– all of our products have been printed with OFFSET print quality

What is the cost of the book or the calendar?

– calendar 12 months from 16 €

– book minimum 10 pages – small 12 € and large 18 €

How many photos can I have on one page?

– there are no limits

– you can have 1 large photo covering the whole page or many small photos, just as you wish.

How can I use my printed photos in Omasoft?

– you need to scan the printed photos and save them as digital photos on your computer.

– Old scanned black and white or color pictures can be used to make a stunning photo book.