Alusta siit
Modern classic

Classical in nature, but with trendy covers, these books stand out everywhere.

Modern classic book cover has a smooth surface, with different styles, materials and modern colors.

In Omaraamat we use 150 gsm white quality silk paper to make the content of the books.

Classic covers are combined with adhesive binding.

Three different formats

Big 19×27 cm
Small 15×20 cm

Big 27×19 cm
Small 20×15 cm

Big 20×20 cm
Small 15×15 cm

Cover colors
  • White
  • Black
  • Colored
  • Black leather imitation
The insides of the covers

There is a special paper in the front and inside back cover that holds the cover with a book content. The cover page of the book is tracing paper which provides a smooth transition to the content of the photo book.