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Other printing materials

You can design a large variety and sized products with Omasoft. Our selection of items include such as postcards, small and large wall-mounted canvases and photographs. In addition, we also manufacture all kinds of flyers and promotional materials, ending with menu books.


An invitation, greeting card, thank you card, post card etc. – personalized post card is pleasant and the best surprise to the recipient. There is as many opportunities as much as designer has the fantasy.

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An eye-catching poster decorate every surface. It is ideal for both home and office, as well as a gift.

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Photos on kappa

High-quality photo on kappa plate is suitable to decorate a wall in any room. Both, in colored or in black and white print.

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Big photos

High-quality photos are perfect for every frame. Either in to small or big.

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Photos on canvas

Stylish canvas will add personality to any interior. You just need to select only the best photo and size.

Stiilne lõuend lisab igasse interjööri oma nägu. Tuleb valida ainult õige pilt ja suurus.

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Promotional materials

We produce a wide range of advertising and promotional materials. Just let us know about your wishes and we’ll find the best solution for you.

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