Alusta siit

Omasoft is a simple design software where you can easily compile a book from your photos.

Download free program to your computer

Install free compilation program “Omasoft” to your PC clicking the button “Start here”. The program works offline, so the running of the program does not need internet connection and that makes compiling with the program very fast.

Design your product

Open the catalog of photographs in “Omasoft” program, which are stored on your PC and start draging photos to your desired positions on the project. Place them how you prefer and if desired, add text, background or mood icons.

Then save the project. You can open them any time, either to view or change.

Send the order and recieve the product in a few days

Finished project click to order, but after you have chosen the quantity and delivery method in “Shopping cart”. Choose your preferred method of payment and after the payment your order upload to our server will start automatically. We will fulfill your order in 1-3 days and you will get your desired product the delivery method you chose.

Download Omasoft